At LAILEC, we will delve into the multifaceted realm of responsible AI governance and technology regulation, particularly given the EU AI Act’s recent approval. Topics will include evaluating the suitability of various methodologies for AI Act compliance, identifying the most appropriate approaches for specific needs, and highlighting leading organizations in implementing responsible AI governance. Additionally, the discussion will explore innovative solutions such as policy prototyping and regulatory sandboxes which can address criticisms regarding the feasibility and adaptability of regulatory requirements. Furthermore, global perspectives on AI policy initiatives outside the EU, including those in the UK, US, China, and beyond, will be examined to assess potential impacts and lessons for EU AI policy, aiming to provide insights into international trends and the potential for regulatory convergence or divergence. 

Given the growing importance of the role of data in the modern economy, recent years have witnessed a landmark transformation in the regulation of data sharing and re-use. Despite its complexity, the new regulatory data landscape is evolving primarily around building a trusted framework for both data subjects/data holders and data users to share data. At LAILEC, we will take a critical look at the key regulations that constitute the foundation of data policy in the EU, with a specific emphasis on addressing the new challenges posed by the GDPR, Data Act, and Data Governance Act, and their implications for data contracts. A key focus of our discussions will be the exploration of common European data spaces. These infrastructures are designed to facilitate the secure and trustworthy sharing of data from across the EU, catering to various use cases, including the development of AI systems. Our exploration will extend further to scrutinize newly recognised actors in the evolving data sharing ecosystem, such as Data Intermediation Service Providers and Data Altruism Organisations.  

More information on the conference programme and speakers will be announced soon.