The era of fascination with the emergence of new technologies seems irretrievably behind us, and the vision of a democratic, universally connected and more socially just world of digital platforms sounds like the swan song of the past. The era of disenchantment has arrived, forcing us to ask who, when and how can be present in the digital environment? How are social inequalities, creating social divides in physical space, prescribed in new technologies? To what extent can we speak of inclusivity in relation to the digital? How to lead the fight for a more equitable digital space and who to turn to?

Fresh Eye, a platform for the study of visual culture, together with Fotograf Festival, will offer the local public a space to reflect on and discuss ethical issues related to the development and use of new technologies, with a special focus on the functioning of artificial intelligence in its current forms, on the occasion of the festival year #hypertension.
The guests of the discussion panel will be Ramak Molavi Vasse’i, a researcher and lawyer in the field of digital rights, who will be joined in the debate by Juraj Hvorecký, a philosopher and representative of the international research platform CETE-P, and Dita Malečková, a new media philosopher. The debate, which will be open to questions from the audience, will be moderated by economic and labour anthropologist Martin Tremčinský.
Admission to the discussion is free. The programme will be held in English without translation in the Lecture Hall of the Exhibition Palace of the National Gallery in Prague. October 26, 2023.

Follow the programme via the FB event.