Molavi Vasse’i, Ramak, The Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI – A Procrastination of Effective Law Enforcement, CRi 2019, 129-136

In the august issue of the CRi, Nathalie Smuha, the coordinator of the work of the High-Level Expert Group on AI, outlined the approach and considerations leading to the “The EU Approach to Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence”.This paper provides a critical assessment of the Ethical Guidelines of the EU Commission and points out why a law enforcement focused approach must be the essential next step towards a beneficial and humane development of AI.Questioning the diversity of the Commssion’s High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, the dangers of ethics shopping are exposed as well as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights explored as already well established alternative reference framework for AI.

Having exposed the need for effective red lines, not only the hidden social and ecological cost are assessed, but also the risk of “buying-out” research and other ethical issues neglected in the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.Finally, three key weaknesses concerning the crucial translation of ethical principles into practice (enforcement) are highlighted.

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